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Justice!!! Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Timmy, Nigeria Dec 31, 2003
Human Rights , Justice & Punishment   Opinions



Even very young children know what justice is.
They certainly have no difficulty recognizing any infringement of it.

Justice is the virtue that promotes fairness between Individuals and in the society at large. Unlike other moral virtues; Justice is not a means towards a good end. It is an absolute good in it self. And as such it is a necessary virtue that underpins all others.

Justice is concerned with our duty and responsibility to recognize and respect the right of others -their right in law, and their human rights. In a perfect world of pure love, justice would not be needed. But we live in a fallen world in which conflict is inevitable.

Justice regulates our relationship with strangers, with those we disagree with. With those we don’t like, with people who are hostile to us. Justice expresses for us the demand of love in circumstances in which we might find it very difficult- the treatment of enemy prisoners in time of war for example.

Justice is a wide ranging virtue and it covers rights and obligations between individuals; the obligations of Government towards its citizen; the obligation of citizen towards society; and the obligation of all to promote fairness in society’s structures and instructions.

Although it’s concerned with the big issues of human life, the virtue of justice also means frequent demand on us as individual. If you dent someone else’s car at the car park, it’s an infringement of justice to drive off without saying anything.

Justice demand that we recognize the equality and dignity of others, created and loved by God just as we are, No one can claim superiority because of birth, race, wealth, cleverness, or for any other reason.

Justice means acknowledging that my own rights are not greater or more pressing than anyone else.
Much of the conflict in the society is the result of injustice.

The virtue of justice is indispensable if people and nations are to live in harmony. As we know only too well, it is often ignored. That’s why the pursuit of JUSTICE is UNENDING.




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