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Heaven or Hell? Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Zkits*, United States Dec 31, 2003
Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


And where are my so-called friends now?
When most I need them?
I don't blame my family for down I turned them
But my friends where are they?
They told me drugs would take me to Heaven!
What a vicious lie look around me, look at me!
It seems to me it's rather Hell
Is barely a human being anymore oh hear that?
Ah! That’s death coming I know it
Finally I thought it would never come
Thank God, is there a God?
Is a rat rotting to death alone in this darkness?
My home, I can't even take anymore drugs
For I can't reach them
My arms are numb, they don't work anymore
My eyes are closing, am dying and God knows
He made it painful
Oh! This pain is eating me from inside-out, killing me.
God help me I know you are there.
Will I go to Heaven or Hell?



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**Author's note**
Zoami C. Sosa | Jan 5th, 2004
There is something that was changed in my poem, like the parts: Is barely a human being anymore oh hear that? & Is a rat rotting to death alone in this darkness? The "Is's" should be I am. Thanks for reading my poem. Z.C.S.

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