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I used to cry
Over what you said
But now I turn it away
All that’s just made me stronger
Nothing has killed me yet
All those knives in my back
Isn’t my burden anymore?
But my weapons
Everything you have shot at me hasn’t killed me
It has made me stronger
Its given me the bullet proof vest
It made me smarter
Which is my net that keeps me from falling
Now I stand taller
It has just pushed me to be a fighter
Against people like you
Now I know that God didn’t mean to curse me
He had blessed me
He prepared for something that’s coming
I thought at first
You had broken me in half
Stolen my heart
Stolen my laugh
Didn’t kill me to make me suffer
But now I have all my treasures back
And so much more
For now I am Stronger
Made me smarter
Made me stand taller
So now I am no longer in the dark
No longer am I black inside
I had well crossed that side of the line
Now I am standing on the other side
In the bright light
Dressed in white
Pure inside
But those daggers that I used to let twist in my back
Now I pluck out and use them to fight
The wounds I would let bleed and scar
Have healed and gone away
And all those bad memories I used to replay in my head
I use them to show how I was
And now I know it made me stronger
It has made me smarter
It has made me stand taller
No longer a dark coward
I am now the pure fighter
Along with Arch Angel Michael



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Miss Ramones

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