by Timothy G. Branfalt Sr.
Published on: Oct 9, 2009
Type: Short Stories

We are facing many variables, from the knowledge of the past to the knowledge we present today. It has been shown, through Mayan writings, prophecies, sacred scriptures, and even Arabic writings that this world will end on the date of 12/21/2012.

We have the "other side" of this belief, from our present day scientists, mathematicians, and some archeologists, who say that there is a severe differentiation of the calendar as known to the "ancients" in reference to our calendar today. Some believe there is a difference of 1,800 to 4,600 years: a very optimistic belief when you consider how accurate all other prophecies according to past scriptures and prophets have been.

There are two more sides to the belief of the 2012 theory. These are in relation to the survival of humanity. Many have said that Mother Earth has been beaten by man, and therefore lacks the power that would enable her to survive through a traumatic event. Many say man has caused this traumatic event to take place through his foolish misuse of this planet's abundant resources, e.g. through pollution, and the removal of natural cooling fluids, oil and waters (the same cooling fluids needed to cool most engines). The Earth moves at a much greater and faster speed. It is also constantly subjected to the bombardment of the Sun and its solar bursts. These bursts have also increased, with activity exceeding 1 million nanowatts in 2009.

On that date, or very close to that date, some believe that the planets will align in a very straight order. The gravitational pull of our "defending planets" will be "out of sync", unable to defend this Earth from the meteors or stars in our stellar system. These stars, especially those of Sagittarius Minor, will be able to pass freely to this Earth, without being subjected to any defense we have previously had from in-between planets. Yes, a direct path, without any protective gravitational pull away from us. There are others who say that an alien invasion may be the cause of our planet Earth's loss. And some say that this may free us to found a new civilization.

Will man return himself back to the garden that was provided to us from the beginning? Or will man's technology be brought to an extremely high level only known to intraterrestrials, and given to a chosen few? These conflicting theories seemed to be based upon the existence of God. The theory of intraterrestrials seems to reflect that there is no God, and that they may constitute the supreme power. But then again, who created intraterrestrial life?

There will be changes. There have been changes that have resulted in a complete overturn of our Earth every 5023 years or so. We are, again, at this time. There is not 1000 or even 100 years difference from the usual expected time of change.

How He or they will choose will be up to them, but what if it were up to you?

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