by Yara Kassem
Published on: Dec 28, 2003
Type: Poetry

In a land like this one,
And a time as dark as this
I was lost in the middle of that huge crowd,
In the middle of all those eyes,
All those faces...

I've been looking everywhere
But I never found...
I never saw and never heard
I've been waiting for a long, long time
For him to show up,
To arrive
Even since the beginning of time
Since God has created Adam & Eve,
Has created love

Life cannot exist without believing
And I strongly believe in
Your arrival
I know you'll come someday,
I know you'll violently slip
Into my heart and my life

A long time ago,
I knew you'd come
Just like a dawn to
A lonely night….
I ran and I ran
Searching for you everywhere!

But it was too dark
And too crowded

Every time I hear whispers
In my ear…
And my heart starts beating
I tell myself that must be love,
Must be you...
But, I was wrong
So wrong

Years passed by,
And I kept walking
In those lonely and crowded
Streets of life
Thousands of eyes have
Crossed mine
But, have seen no life
In any of those eyes
Didn't hear any heartbeats
Calling mine

This time might not be mine,
Nor this land is,
The land of non humans
And stone hearts...
But it's where I live anyway
Can't find you anywhere,
Can't even hear your voice

Time is passing,
Your silhouette is getting clearer
In my mind and in my dreams
Now those fake whispers
Can never make my little heart beat
But you never come
Though I know you will, someday
I believe in this,
In you
And only then
I will stop using my brain
I will stop being reasonable
My heart will be the one
And only master!

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