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Ablazed Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by viviana, United Kingdom Dec 27, 2003
Health   Poetry


No matter how deep or how strange is his stare,
The man is for us like a penalty dare
If we are feeling low he can bring us up high
If we are feeling up he can bring us back down

The fists and the fury
The pleasure, the duty
The warmth and the hope
The lies and the truth

He wants us alone; he wants no one to share
And we feel this for him, but it never is fair

Someone’s always stronger
Someone lasts longer
Someone’s a liar
Someone’s a crier

There’s no way to separate the pleasure from the pain

Until one day we wake up and decide to treat him bad,
Suddenly he's there for us, suddenly he's glad
To see us, and puts on a caring head
And we are then confused; we've thought of other beds

Then he is no longer sexy; we realize his truth
He never really knew us
He only knew abuse

And we learn and start to grow,
And our spirits taste the free world
And we see again with fresh eyes;
The tears cleared out the dirt

We suddenly begin to realize we never knew real men,
Just disturbed hurting souls who recognized their self
And as we heal and regenerate and look for love again
Another plane appears, of solid decent males

And in this new sweet vista,
Softness lines the paths we tread
And dreams and loves embraces
Replace the memories that bled

And where we didn’t feel no more
And no longer cared for sex
The fire wakes in us once more
And let no more be said



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