by david mbitu
Published on: Sep 29, 2009
Type: Poetry

Joy fills my heart, heaving with the mysteries of life.
Passion unknown unto words like a dear dream.
Dear, within, hear the counsel gnawing at wrinkled cliffs.
My unborn son, live in us when our bones mold from vim.

Learn from your father the toil of honesty.
Clasp, live out and atone the deeds of far-seeing statesmen.
And build... oh, build the legacy we but dreamt earnestly!
Unmask and expunge ugly stains blotted in statements.
Bestow and bequeath respect to all with thee, heart dearest.

Run not through ill-fated shortcuts, rather walk the clean boulevards.
Cross your bridges; never burn behind the memories of your knights.
Or presumption of our tears and the smell of smoke from abode backyards.
Choose acquaintances by disposition and adversaries by good intellect.
For I will carry you everywhere, you live in my heart in eternity.
My unborn son… impartial... sage... worthy of all trust... my dream.

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