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A year without you (9 August 2009) Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Playshis (aka Plattious the poet), Namibia Sep 24, 2009
Culture , Health   Poetry


Dear mother, since you departed the nights have been very long,
I'm missing you like crazy; I don't know how to move on.
I can still feel your warm hand placed within mine,
And how I looked into your eyes, refusing to cry.
No one understands just how my heart is bleeding,
My mind cannot find the peace that it is seeking.
People tell me to be strong and how life goes on,
But every time I hear that, I feel life did me wrong.
You were my heart, my soul, and the essence of my existence,
You fought so hard, but for that illness we had no resistance.
I don't know what to do with all this anger and pain,
I feel so displaced now and it's driving me insane.
Many nights I sit alone in my room reminiscing about you,
Wishing that turning back time was something that I could do.
I'd trade everything to have you in this world again,
When we lost you, it felt like it was my world's end.
You were the queen in my world- my reason to try and aspire,
You were my strength- my reason to strive and go higher.
I would have done anything for you; because you were my Everything,
I wish you could have made it through- we still had to do so many things.
You still had to see me doing my thing up on stage,
But sadly we weren’t given a chance to see that day.
Unhealthily I replaced the hollowness inside with rage,
Now I only see red; like a beast trapped in a cage.
My love for you could never ever be fully described,
When I sat in that church a million tears left my eyes.
You were the love in my heart taken away so painfully,
Now a part of me is gone forever and I grieve endlessly.
You were the one I could talk to about every little thing,
You advice was golden- your words were always comforting.
You were such a kind and generous person; someone to look up to,
I was damn lucky to have a super mother like you.
I felt my world crumbling down as you took your last breath,
I felt so lost when I realized that your soul had left.
It wasn’t supposed to end like this, I thought you’d get better,
Now this pain in my heart feels like it’s going to stay here forever.



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Writer Profile
Playshis (aka Plattious the poet)

I'm Ryno Julio Platt. On the Spoken Word stage I'm known as Playshis. I write about life.

No words can describe
Tobias Chitatata Kumwenda | Oct 31st, 2011
Your writing is so touching especially to those like me who have lost a close biological relation. MAY THE ALMIGHTY GOD BE THE COMFORTER!

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