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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Dancing Life Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by observant, Iran Sep 4, 2009
Culture , Peace & Conflict , Human Rights   Poetry


Dance with me, dance with me,
Once I'm free,
And dance till then
And sing with me.

Dance like the wind, shake the trees,
move the boats, on the seas.

Dance like the waves, breaking on the shore,
reaching the coast, knocking at the door.

Dance in the woods, like the rain,
Dance for the poor, dance for the pain.

Dance like fire, in the dark,
Dance in the ocean, like a shark.

Dance, it's midnight; we have time,
Time to dance, time to fight
Till the morning comes, and the sun shines,
Till we bring out the light.

Dance, sweat, and recall
The cold winter-December,
Dancing on a thin ice shelf,
Dancing snow, gray sky; remember.

Dancing bullets, in hearts,
Dancing batons, on bodies,
Dancing blood, on skins,
Dancing humbly, on bended knees.

But don't give in, be strong,
Just leave the past, write a new song.

Dance in white, dance in red,
Dance in Green, DANCE for the dead!

Dance like you, get me lost,
Dance like us in "the dust"



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Writer Profile

In June 2009, a social movement named The Green Movement, in my country Iran has developed, and I wanna live so long so that I can be a Green Soldier of it, and one day, celebrate its Victory, to reach its goals and win the hundred-year struggle...


Great poem
R Kahendi | Oct 1st, 2009
This is a beautiful poem. Do write some more! :)

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