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Educational Technology: An Accessible Education (Call-to-Action) Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Mina Akrami, Canada Aug 24, 2009
Education , Technology   Experiences


Educational Technology: An Accessible Education (Call-to-Action) Educational technology is a global phenomenon that improves education for a student in a highly developed country and creates educational opportunities for a child in the world’s poorest countries. As such, above its other benefits, including increasing student motivation, I find the ability of technology to create educational opportunities even in the world’s most remote areas and for the world’s poorest children the most important reason why there should be further development in the field of educational technology. By providing greater access to education, educational technology invests in the Millennium Development Goal to achieve economic and social development through greater access to education.
With this in mind, for my Call-to-Action, I emphasized the benefits of educational technology in flyers that I distributed in the library. In addition to pointing out the benefits of educational technology, I included information about how our own learning experiences are influenced by technology. I also provided a link to TakingItGlobal website because TIG facilitates technology-based learning experiences. Finally, to make it catchy, I created a poster with the information from the flyer.
I choose to put into action my Call-to-Action in the library because I could easily target youth, who come to library to serf the net. Although the location was perfect for putting into action my plan, I found that rather than the target group, the older age groups seemed to be more interested in my flyers. The change of age groups did not affect my Call-to-Action because educational technology also benefits the older age groups, who can maintain a flexible schedule while taking a new course through for example distance learning. Initially, I should have planned to target all age groups because that was crux to my message i.e., educational technology makes education accessible to diverse groups. Moreover, I believe it should be profound to any one whether young or old to learn that technology is also benefiting the world’s poorest.



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