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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Freedom Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Otis, Jamaica Aug 15, 2009
Human Rights   Poetry


Freedom The dream:

Bloody, beaten, scarred and maimed,
How we suffered for our name,
A name that brings out pride and hope,
The name that takes us cross the scope,
A name that came forth from these hands,
The name I know my child must brand,
A name that all our children sing,
The name is freedom, Let it ring...

The nightmare:

What have they done with my pain?
What was the use? It’s all the same,
We bought them freedom, with our blood,
Look how they drag it, through the mud,
So much violence, so much rage,
Love and peace locked in their cage,
That one word, we all did dread,
Is what we see as young go dead.
Was it worth it? Pain and toil,
Was it worth the sweat and boils?
We fought for freedom, not bonds or chains,
But we’re all still slaves... within our brains.



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Writer Profile

Words that define our purpose and our cause, words that breaks down the doors of injustice and spread light to a darkened world, words that open the doors of love and understanding granting that distant mirage known as peace. These are the words i wish to sport.....Words that will one day destroy the hatred in this world, and replace it with a never-ending joy :)

Mutebi Bwakya | Jun 17th, 2011
Beautiful piece... Would like to

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