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Girl Child Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Vanessa DCosta, India Dec 16, 2003
Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


It was a cold winter’s night
She was tired of the songs,
The words, which she heard with fright
For being a girl and all things wrong

‘If only you were a boy’ her mother exclaimed
Her heart sinking deep feeling of no use
‘I wouldn’t have to go through so much’ She was to be blamed
Day in and out she said not a word but tolerated the abuse

The girl said to her, ‘I wish I heard enough,
It’s best if I end my life it’ll do good to us both’
How was she to face a scary time so tough?
She had no where to go, no help to sort

So while her mother went to bed
She packed up her things she’d never why
Cleans up the house like she always did
Walked out the door with a simple note, which read,
‘Thank you and goodbye’



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Writer Profile
Vanessa DCosta

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Damilare T.A Onajole | Dec 19th, 2003
The poem is nice. is that your story.....keep it up.

Nourhan Mohammad Aboulabbas | Dec 20th, 2003
It's lovely, and simple but honest.. I liked it.. alot actually..

it's very good
zuby | Jan 21st, 2004
it's deep and sad, but simple and to the point. this girl, is she real ?

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