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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
by diana, Kenya Jul 15, 2009
Human Rights   Experiences


Many times in our daily life we take a lot for granted. We think that it is our 'right' to do anything we want regardless of anyone's opinion, and when the consequences become too harsh, then life is being 'unfair'. Well, many a time we disregard our conscience for the pleasures of the body, the consequences be damned.

I recently met a young lady who had suffered numerous adversities in her life. Her smile is still bright, her gait even, and her heart full of hope. You see, she was born first in a family of six children in an impoverished part of Nairobi. Her mother sold illicit brews and occasionally herself to support them. Her father was the master of the house and anything he said was law. When she was 12 years old, her parents decided that she was ready to earn her keep. They therefore began to sell her to the highest bidder for sexual favours. The money was coming in quickly because she was quite beautiful and her innocence was an added advantage.

After suffering this for 2 years, she ran away and was rescued by a local organization that helps girls and women. She went back to school, got good grades and joined a high school on a scholarship. Herein, she met her former neighbours who taunted her with her past, but she ignored them. When the taunting did not stop, she challenged them to a math competition. She won. They of course had to defend their 'manhood' so they raped her. There were six of them.

When I met her at the hospital, she was smiling, planning how she will go back to school, regardless of the fact that the boys are in the same school. 'I have a vision', she told me. 'I will be a social worker. I have been to hell and back and I want to encourage everyone that no matter the situation, there is always hope.”



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Writer Profile

I am not a writer, per say. Although I am highly opinionated on almost all subjects, I seek to learn more about that which I know as well as the unknown. The obvious method is research and interactions.
Thus far, It is my aim to influence positively those who do not know to seek knowledge, and for those who now to expand their knowledge.

For knowledge is power, and we have the power to 'heal our world'.

Keep the pen going
Michael Awiti | Nov 21st, 2011
Diana keep on writing and the pen going,nice piece of work

good story
Mike Ssegawa | Jul 21st, 2009
Diana, you may confess not being a writer, but you add passion to your writing. I feel touched by this poor girl with a big heart.

David Owiro | Aug 6th, 2009
Diana, this article is great...what I understand both from the story and writer profile is determination in the face of adversity, thats a very timely lesson. Keep them coming.

habtam asmeche | Aug 19th, 2009
Having been through hell and back myself, I'm grateful for your inspiring story about the girl who is hopeful about a better tomorrow. I hope she is well.

You are a writer
calieel rashad amahad | Aug 24th, 2009
You have already written.Continue as I will continue to read. Calieel Rashad Amahad Bahamas.

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