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Misty Smile Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Awais Aftab, Pakistan Dec 12, 2003
Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


Oh, misty smile;
Can I ever understand thee!
A smile you are, an enigma as well.
Cruel you are, filled with mercy as well.
Devilish you are, angelic as well.
Crafty you are, sincere as well.
Dangerous you may be, harmless as well.
Beautiful you are? Only time can tell.
Alarming you are, like a ringing bell.
Breath-taking you are, breath-giving as well.
Deadly you are, ruthless and fell.
A symbol of love you are, of malice as well.
Heaven's radiance you are, albeit a gust from hell.
Geisha thou art, irksome as well.
A jewel you are, which no one would sell.
In hearts and minds, on lips you dwell.
Soft as a whisper, loud as a yell.
Oh, misty smile!
Reveal your mystery;
Come close and tell!



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Writer Profile
Awais Aftab

Writing has been a passion, a love ever since I learned to write. For me, writing is a means of expression of 'secret tears and secret pleasures'. True writing comes from the heart and often it is the one to find you, not you the one to find it. Writing gives me power, the strength to carry on, the will to live and to live in a better way. It helps me find deeper meaning in the world around me and to understand myself much better. I can't survive without writing. For me, my writings are the whispers of life, in which the glory and sorrow of life echoes. For me, these are the glittering tears, whose every flash encompasses a thousand aspects of life. I believe that, 'I write; therefore I am.' However, true ease in writing comes from art, and I still have to learn a lot about that.

Keep smiling!
X | Dec 13th, 2003
Wish you always keep smiling! Waiting for more poetic verses from your pen.... Salaam Ahmed

great work .
Henry Ekwuruke | Dec 13th, 2003
keep it up my man.remain cool and continue lending a hand. ekwuruke

Nourhan Mohammad Aboulabbas | Dec 20th, 2003
Well, I don't know whether it is of any importance, but i did smile as I was reading this poem! I think it is good,I just have two comments: 1- I noticed that "as well" is mentioned more than three times,it made me feel like you ran out of vocabulary. May be using other words having the same ending would have created a better effect. 2-Of course you have the right to choose the style that best suits your message and state of mind, but what difference did it make using the old poetic style "thou-art-thee" than if you have used the words " you and are".You are not dealing, in this poem, with a very sophisticated philosophical issue. you are simply expressing your feelings about somebody's smile, and the simpler your words, the more honest they are and the easier they reach to those who read them. Finally, I want to assure you that I found your piece of work very interesting. Keep it up!

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