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Trafficking of Women Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Tolulope, Nigeria Dec 11, 2003
Child & Youth Rights , Slavery & Human Trafficking   Opinions


Women’s trafficking is the transportation of women for selfish and unfair sexual and economic purposes through manipulation, power and violence. Each year, millions of women are tricked and coerced into such situations from which there is almost no escape. Trafficking, according to Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, is the new slave trade. The rise in economic hardships in most developing and transitional countries combined with the difficulty of legal migration has contributed to the increase in cases of trafficking. Also, as a result of the low risks involved in trafficking, many are involved in it. In a lot of countries, there are no laws banning such acts and this makes it easy for the people to get involved.

Trafficking involves movement of people from poorer countries to wealthier ones. For instance, African women in general, and Nigerians in particular are transported by illegal means to Western Europe. Asian women are also being transported to Northern America. The Niger delta area of Nigeria is a typical example of a community that is being extremely plagued. Young girls are taken abroad at times with the consent of their parents after they have been promised they will be returned.

Poverty is a distinct cause of this societal ill. Women are tricked simply by being promised greener pastures in the form of employment or marriage opportunities. Financial pressures darken people’s mentality and make them susceptible to deceit. Hence, working abroad appeals to women as a means of escaping their financial and economic problems.

Apart from poverty, several other factors contribute to the sustenance of this vice. The prospects of opportunity in new and unfamiliar territory, especially in developed nations where “milk and honey” supposedly flow, may appeal to some.

Illiteracy and a lack of understanding, on the other hand, play a major role in ensuring the continuity of this act. In some parts of Nigeria, for example, female children are not considered eligible to the basic right of education; rather, they are seen merely as sex symbols--toys and playthings for the amusement of the men folk.



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Human Trafficking of Women - Good Job Tolulope!
Timmy | Dec 11th, 2003
It seems like an impossible nightmare that won't go away. People know it exsist but pretend they don't because they don't really see it. Women trafficking has taken another complete turn around in mordern times. Women are treated as slaves whenever they are being used for prostitution and the likes. I remember a disgusting scene on a picture I once saw. A naked woman was playing with the male organ of a horse! and she was even smiling, can you imagine that? But deep inside me I knew that this particular woman won't be happy at what her life has turned out to be. I am certain she would begin to hide from people who could recongnise her in the photo. Women seem not to have no, I mean women don't have a strong say sexual matters. It is common knowledge that women are mostly trafficked for sex, others for domestic work, marriage (yes marriage) etc Cartels involved in this inhuman venture must be crushed and rooted out completely. All hands must be on deck to fight the scourge of Women trafficking. Penalties against offenders should be strict and judgement passed with maximum punishment with no mercy or option of fine. It is time to fight fire with fire. In this world we all battle. Only the conquerors overcome, so must we.

yes, this is a huge problem
Karis | Dec 11th, 2003
and since it is women who are the victims, poor women at that, the world doesn't have much concern for them, and even sanctifies the practice through it's apathy and indifference. it is truly disgusting and makes me feel shame for humanity. there do need to be strict fines, and investigations by the rich agencies of the nations in Europe, Asia, and North America (etc.) where these unfortunate human beings are sent to be enslaved and used for their sexual organs. our countries (i am canadia), have the money and resources to examine and these crimes and go after the culprits, as well as work with the government of the countries where the women are sent...but we do nothing, we are a shamefully and inexusably wronging and ruining millions of lives. lives of women have value, as much value as a man's, as a child's, as any living creature. until women can be seen as equal, they will only be seen as things, as objects.

good work my friend
Henry Ekwuruke | Dec 13th, 2003
how interesting was this your write up i encourage u to keep it up.bravo man.

Nice article
Fasoranti Oluseyi Taiwo | Dec 13th, 2003
This is an article that we needed keep more going

trafficking of women
Alade oluwatoyin joshua | Dec 29th, 2003
nice write up i want to say it is a matter of time things will change by your hands and my hands..keep it up

trafficking of women
Alade oluwatoyin joshua | Dec 29th, 2003
nice write up i want to say it is a matter of time things will change by your hands and my hands..keep it up.....TOYIN

Trafficking of women
Not entered | Mar 30th, 2005
Great article! A lot more attention needs to be paid to this serious problem. It is truly horrendous what happens to these women, many of whom have barely reached puberty. I've read that they're beaten, fed alchohol and drugs, and are forced to sleep with up to 15 men a day, frequently getting pregnant and forced to get abortions. And it only gets worse from there. Thank you for your article.

jaleel m mccray | Oct 25th, 2006
i think the trfficking woman is bad because someone think they is coming to somewhere to live a better and they are treated like slave

SOF-AmiraS | Oct 25th, 2006
I think that who ever is doing tafficking women should be locked up for a very long time.I would like to know why there are no laws to stop this and why aren't women doing anything to stop.I would also like to know how this all started and what is the gov. doing to orevent it from happening

SOF-AaronP | Oct 25th, 2006
Trafficking of Women is a great article.This article talks about trafficking, and how women are trafficked.It is truly sad how women are tricked to move to different places, in promise of marriage and employment.But they are truly moved for unfair sexual and economic reasons.This article taught me that everyone cannot be trusted.

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