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African Solidarity Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Daniel N Thomas, Liberia May 22, 2009
Peace & Conflict , Human Rights , Culture   Poetry


Perceived were the days of men that held their heritage,
the paths they took that made them bonded
So enchained by selfishness and enslaved in mentality
they claimed to have a common voice
How can we?
When brotherly killings and maiming
are but a stone throw away from the heart
I see Liberia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone,
Guinea, Ivory Coast, Congo and other parts
filled with hatred and envy for one another
I have seen how they killed our weaker brothers
right before the eyes of their mothers
With tears I have heard our sisters cried as they were raped by their brothers without pride
Oh Africa! Solidarity you say?
When our cities are institutions for wicked politics
and our rural communities are zones for exploitation
and environmental contamination
Guns, rockets and machetes are as common as cooking utensils
as violence, drugs and constant fear are instilled
into your own very people
Oh Africa, where is your solidarity?
When from day to day the battle of greed ensues,
thus leaving casualties amass
Our young generation whom you have made without a future has turned to crime
Oh Africa!
Famous in a world of continents but yet achievements seems afar
This Solidarity!
When will it be
when will unity of mind and common place come?
Africa! Oh Africa!!
Before the pages of life turns
let us together stand for what we have always ignored
Let us together pray despite our religion for what we have not seen
A true unity
a true peace
a true commitment
and a fair mind
Let us vouch not for ourselves
but for our brothers and sisters out there
This! Africa is the true Solidarity
Not the ones we claimed when we killed our brothers
Not the ones we jargoned in public debates and election campaigns
A solidarity that holds the value of a true Africa, engulfing Africans



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Writer Profile
Daniel N Thomas

I am Nuxe Daniel Thomas, a Liberian, age 28, and a practicing writer. I am the founder and president of the Sustainable Program for the Education and Ability of Kids (SPEAK).

I am also a student of the Stella Maris Polytechnic institution and a practicing architect by profession.

I love writing and inspiring others in times of great worries. I have written several poems, essays and a pending book entitled “The Agonies of a Child.” This book is based upon my experience as a child in my family circle and in the civil war that lasted for more than a decade in our country.

I love and respect the views of others.
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