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by Ben, Canada Dec 10, 2003
Child & Youth Rights   Opinions


I believe it is important to understand and interact with other religions because all religions have there unique way and the similarities between each other.

The first reason to support my opinion in that if you learn about other people's religion you can share it to your family and friends. The religion you learned about can help you with all kind of ways , such as research , project , conflicts and even be sophisticated in that religion . If you don't expand your knowledge into learning about other people's religion you may not be knowledgeable for projects, be impressed by and or even have an upstart to a research. When you have an upstart to a project, you would understand the religion more and finish it faster.

The second reason to support my opinion is that when you learn about other people's religion, you can expand your knowledge and share it with your friends. When you learn about it you can a conversation with other people with different religions. You could share to the people about what you know and they could share what they know and communicate. When you mastered most of the religions doings you can find out the similarities are between the two religions such as gods, foods, place of worship and even ceremonies for the people of the past or a new born baby.

The last reason I want to support my opinion is that you can learn about the great adventures that your people have been through such as war, been slaves, been slave owners or it can even be people of the same religion that invented some important mechanical machine that helped the Earth from pollution. It can even be a machine that purifies water so it could be safe to drink.

If the world were a place of knowledge of all religions, people would be friendlier and more knowledgeable. If people don't have there own religion people would be more different and I can't imagine how the world would be. History would be changed.



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Nourhan Mohammad Aboulabbas | Dec 13th, 2003
I think your point has a lot to do with religions impact on our lives. It is true that each has to know the other's religion because our religion forms alot of our beliefs and controls alot of our behaviour, and therefore it is essential to understand it in order to understand attitudes and beliefs of diferent people. This can applied to the misconceptions many western people have about our Eastern Islamic world. We are being thought of as terrorists, primary and beasty creatures whose only language is weopons and blood. However, if people learn about Islam, even a little bit, the first thing they will know that Islam is built on compassion and mercy.

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