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by kasim, Lebanon Apr 23, 2009
Human Rights   Experiences


For the last one year we have been living in Lebanon away from our home because I was kidnapped by the gunmen and my family exposed to threat by the Militias

we are an Iraqi family escaped from Iraq to Lebanon via Syria after the shitte armed militiamen have threaten us to go out from our home, and
I have no any harm to any person during my life, but the escaping was the main way to be away from the blind killing, kidnap, and privation.
Since fall of Saddam`s regime and we have no salaries or retirement to the degree that I couldn't go to the Dentist to cut off the decayed tooth for my son. Later, in the year 2003
I worked as free lancer video and photographer with APTN, AP, and Reuters News agencies in addition to Alarabia sat channel. In the end of that year, the US troops confiscated my camera when I was trying to make film about the explosion accident occurred in Baghdad and holding the APTN ID Card. They tried to kill me in front of my son because they didn't allow to any agency to cover the explosion accidents that happen against them. Then I stayed without any job and continued to lent the money from my friends, in addition to sell my home's furniture to get or available the finance to my family.
The injustice and anxious harmed us and reflexed in negative against my family.
In the year 2005, I worked with Assisting Marsh Arab&Refugees International Charitable foundation (AMAR ICF) in Baghdad as a translator and journalist where the executive chairman is the Baroness Emma Nicolson of Winterbrourne MEP who I have the honor to meet her in Romania, and the patron is HRH the prince of Wales. I have written two articles to the Baroness explaining in them our suffering and the discomforts of the work and the bad security situation in Baghdad.
On Spring, 2006 and while we were following up our work in Baghdad, the gunmen kidnapped us and stolen our money, salaries, and car. They released me after 4 hours but my friends stayed 3 days under the hit and torture. They warned us to not return back and working with this foundation.
In our district, the gunmen threaten us to go out from our home; therefore we went to Syria then to Lebanon. I entered here legally but my family doesn't.
Now we can't return back to Syria or to Iraq and the Lebanese authorities are sensitive against foreign people especially after the terrorists' accidents in Nahar Albard (north Lebanon) in addition to their political situation in general.
I proved every thing in details for the UNCHR in Beirut and they granted us the refuge but the problem is we don't know when they will grant us the settlement especially we live in miserable life where I have no job and my sons have lost their study and teaching. the humanrights asociations
mentioned that they must grant asylum to persons defined in the Convention as refugees. Convention refugees are those who have reason to fear persecution in their native country due to
• their race
• their nationality
• their religious or political beliefs
• their gender or sexual orientation
• their membership to a particular social group
I ask any person who beleive with humanrights to contact us to know more about us and we are waiting.B.RGDS



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