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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Who is listening? Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Jane Arwa, Kenya Apr 20, 2009
Globalization , Political Thought , Human Rights   Poetry


Who does the listening
When everyone seems to know it all?
Who will lend an ear
And hear the cry of the faithless?
Many are the afflicted
But few are the listeners;
Many are the hopeless
but few are the encouragers.
The young generation is in tears,
But no one dares to care.
The young are misguided,
Yet no one cares to know why.

Who cares to listen
When all are talking?
Who will give a helping hand
And hear the cry of the youth?
Many are searching for the meaning of life,
But none are near to help.
Many are searching for a faithful soul
But all are keeping to themselves.
Where are our heroes
And whose ways are worth following?
Who would care to see the young prosper
And get this world back on its feet?

Whoever hear of this
And find in their hearts pure compassion,
Let them take up the task
And fight to redeem the youth.
May they, with courage, stand up
And declare war:
That people may learn to listen more
And open their mouths less;
That people may learn to be patient
And care for the ones struggling
To find meaning in their ways
And the good in this world.



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Writer Profile
Jane Arwa

A child crying is like a thorn pressing against my heart,
A good book gives me new reasons to live,
A nice movie gives me hope for tomorrow
And a peaceful day tells me all will be well...

Each day, action, thought- they all give me reasons to write.

Victor Oriwa | Jun 20th, 2009
Youths are listening. However, we just need more positive projects like kazi kwa Vijana. I hope it will make a difference to the youths of Kenya.

For life
Surya Gaire | May 26th, 2009
Absolute poem, actually the crying world, poet's world is in trouble. No one listens to other, all are in their own way. Youth are agent for change and no one listens them, think what the result would be..........?

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