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My everywhere companion Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Ssendagire Paul, Uganda Mar 16, 2009
Technology , Human Rights   Poetry


In 2003, I fell in love with mobile phones
and engaged myself to one.
Since then, I have maintained steady relationships
with mobile phones.

Hammering the last nail to my cassava leftovers and dry tea,
I hear a melody whose scream I match with a sip from my favorite drink.
“Hello, I am XYZ, I got your number from PQR
And I want to buy some art work from you.”
Thank you to the small machine
which connects me to my bread and butter.

I no longer have to travel long distances
to secure a chat with friends.
My great companion has simplified the equation.
Whether in the bathroom or sitting room or at work,
I can chat with my pals and even display the gaps between my teeth.

When I am facing a hopeless start,
the mobile friend can be a source of life.
A good message or sweet call can make my day.
In the face of boredom, I engage my mind
with games on my mobile or listen to radio.

Some ringtones are a good source of fun.
A particular tune sometimes enables me
to coax the young ones into uncountable smiles.
The best, I reward. They make my day,
I make their day and the phone makes our day.

Like human beings, mobile phones have sweet and sour sides.
Sometimes my everywhere companion
can force me to commit a lie.
Sometimes, through my companion,
dispiriting waves find their way to me.
Making the small machine enjoy all meals
is just as challenging as making a cockroach smile.

And the vice of phone tapping
greatly interferes with freedom of speech.



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Ssendagire Paul

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Adham Tobail | Mar 27th, 2009
Mobile phone has helped to shorten the distance between individuals in society But at the same time has made many negative aspects of human behavior has undesirable social

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