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Leave Yourself to Dreaming Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Patchi, Kuwait Mar 10, 2009
Health , Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Poetry


"Leave your imagination for a few minutes free,
and give me your hand, come dream with me,
of a world of a so much better future,
of a sensitive human, not a cold-hearted sculpture,
dream of a child so happy and secure,
dream of relationships so true and pure,
dream of hearts free from fears,
dream of eyes void of tears,
dream of love united between all countries,
and a global peace having no boundaries,
dream of a new era free from wars and blood,
dream of the humane dignity not entombed in mud,
dream of people enjoying their most basic rights,
freedom, security and their voices coming to the light,
dream of digging out the morals long left behind,
dream of respect among all of the humankind,
dream of unity between nations of the world,
all their petitions joined in one word,
dream of every disease or illness healed,
and having every pathway to pain forever sealed,
dream of youth building to realize;
prosperity and the stairway to paradise
dream...for it's a very simple thing to do,
and hope that our dreams may one day come true."



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A man is what he dreams...
Emperor Omorogiuwa Edionseri | Apr 19th, 2009
Nice job here... but hope and dream is unfortunately, not enough. Thanks for sharing!

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