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The mobile phone: transforming the world Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Chantelle Ennis-Charoo, Canada Mar 5, 2009
Technology , Globalization   Opinions


Technology is everywhere. It is evident when you go to the store to make a purchase, when you go out to a concert, and even when you’re on TakingITGlobal. Since as early as the late 1990s mobiles or, as they are better known, cellular phones have been part of our society. The wealthy and those involved in the business industry were able to purchase these cellular phones for quick communications among themselves and clients. They also used them for leisure purposes.

Who has cell phones today? Just about everyone in our urbanized societies! Today, not only do business workers have cell phones, but even everyday youth carry these mobile devices. As the years go by, mobile devices keep getting better and better. In their early stages cell phones had a very boxy, chunky, structured look but, as time has gone by, these mobile devices have gotten smaller, yet packed with more features than one would need to make use of in one day.

Currently, the most popular mobile phones, which provide more than just the ability to have conversations are the Blackberry and the iPhone. Both of these phones have taken mobile communications to a whole new level. The iPhone, created by the well known Apple Company, has the ability to play full song libraries, video clips and movies. It allows wireless internet connection, interactive games, and downloadable applications on just about any topic, and it makes phone calls of course. The Blackberry allows for fully integrated electronic messaging, an important feature for people involved in the secondary and tertiary industries.

Many ask, why do many youth carry these types of mobile phones? Looking into the future, the best way to connect and make changes in your community will be to use some form of technology. Although an individual may not necessarily need the high-tech iPhone or Blackberry, a mobile device can be quite useful for moving into the future with an edge.

Have mobile devices negatively affected youth in any way? In a modern city such as Toronto, youth are often seen with mobile devices that can do more than the youth need. Those opposed to this argue that this is due to the income surplus that families in this type of society have despite the slight recession. In other words, if a person has the disposable income to purchase such a luxury then they will want to have the best.

What do mobile devices mean globally?
We will always be able to stay in close contact with many people in different parts of the world. The concept of a global village will truly be evident in its entirety, which is a good thing because as the world moves forward fewer people will be left behind. As the developed nations of the world continue to create the latest innovations in technology, all of the communities of the world will be able to move together into the technological age.



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Writer Profile
Chantelle Ennis-Charoo

My name is Chantelle. I enjoy writing because I believe it is one of the greatest ways to connect with people. And with the use of translations your message can reach an even wider audience.

I tend to write about personal experiences, arts & media that have inspired me, or just about anything.

"Writing is the key to many opportunities, and I like keys."

- Chantelle Ennis-Charoo

Nice artical
Danish Khan | Mar 18th, 2009
Nice artical... Keep it up!

that is true
Mahamed Osman | Mar 20th, 2009
very good indeed m, i mean How you worte about mobiles

Daniella Fanitsa Mickelson | Mar 26th, 2009
AMAZING article Chantelle, great job :) I really enjoyed reading your article, keep it up!!

thank you everyone
Chantelle Ennis-Charoo | Mar 26th, 2009
thank you everyone for the kind comments! Very much appreciated.

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