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Government and the Right to Life Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Anthony Brandon Goldson, United States Mar 8, 2002
Human Rights   Opinions


What is Government for?

In the Declaration of Independance it is said that three and life in particular are in constant danger. The government is instituted to protect our right to life yet state-sanctioned murders are occuring in this country all of the time. The US is considered to be the most powerful nation on the earth, yet it is on a list of nations which retain the death penalty. The same list that holds most of President Bush's 'Axis of Evil'. Most nations have realized the folly of the death penalty and have abolished it.

When will enough innocent people die to appease the politicians who advocate and continue this horrid and immoral practice in America? When will we realize that the so called 'deterrent' inherent in the death penalty does not exist? When will we realize that depriving the executed person's family of that which is held most precious only perpetuates the cycle of violence?

WE DO THIS IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE. How dare people talk that way! Death as punishment serves no purpose. It does not bring the victim back. It does not rebuild the damage done to the victim's family. The 'closure' provided to the victim's family only speaks to our shortcomings as a species. How can you expect that by inflicting the ultimate in immorality on a person will make your life better?

The United States, as the only nation with the means to lead, should retake it's leadership role in world affairs. We are retaining a barbaric and antiquated tradition that should have long since went the way of the horse and carriage. By leadership I mean being a 'real' leader, not exhibiting unilateralism and forcing ourselves on people who don't want us in their affairs, but that is a topic for another essay.



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Anthony Brandon Goldson

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I agree.
Joanna Frizzell | Mar 19th, 2002
I agree that the death penalty should not exist. I think that spending the rest of your life in prison is worse than the death penalty because you've got your whole life to think about what you did.

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