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Surfing the Net is Not That Easy Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Jen, Philippines Dec 4, 2003
Technology   Opinions


Internet is the term popularly that refers to a particular global interconnection of computers that allows individuals or organizations for universal access to quality information. It is formed through the use of gateways, which are made through various communication paths such as telephone lines, optical fibers, and radio links. According to some studies, the internet is such a magnificent tool to achieve the real boon in information technology. Information could be transported between geographically separated sites by just clicking a flashing cursor without having to deal with some complex ways. In short, the internet helps a lot in bridging the barriers of time and distance, allowing people to share information and work together. It has a very pivotal role and impact to every individual who adapt this new technology.

This medium is widely used by many organizations and even private individuals for entertainment, education, business, communication, etc. Its services are now on a state of flux; one is the http or hypertext transfer protocol, the basis of word wide web (WWW) that comprises different web sites and web pages. Some of the web sites are Yahoo.com, Zdnet.com, AOL.com, MSN.com, Globalpinoy.com, Vault.com, Amazon.com, Ravenstar.com and much more. Every web site presents textual, graphics, sounds and video information as well as some hypermedia links. However those excessive amounts of navigational text and icons on web pages sometimes lead those net surfers go astray. Those traveling along the Internet sometimes lose sight, the fact that they are accessing information in a haphazard way, leaving no link and no site unseen. When they come across a web site that is loaded with so much irrelevant information, precisely they are wasting time and energy in search for truly relevant information. In order to avoid getting lost in the cluster of irrelevant information net surfers must consider how to take control of information before it starts taking control of them. Some of the Internet novices commonly encounter difficulties in deciding which links to activate and which ones to ignore. Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer are computer programs called browsers that allow users retrieve web pages. The only bothersome thing is that it sometimes browses so slowly. That is why it takes quite a long time before the web page be completed. Then if the user wants to activate another web page it will surely eat up another of his time. Thus, it is very necessary for internet surfers to be wary enough in taking control of information so time and effort won’t be wasted.

In general, Internet surfing is not that simple, clicking of a navigational text or icons but it’s about intelligent and created surfing. Internet is an information technology which is easy to adapt and loved by many users for it doesn’t just educate and inform but it also entertains.



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