by Emperor Omorogiuwa Edionseri
Published on: Feb 12, 2009
Type: Poetry

Let me in.
You couldn’t be so cruel!
I’ve been under this sun for too long
May I by your well, at least, for some cool.
And I don’t mind if you sing me a song,
If you sweetly let me in,
Just to be close to you.
Martin Luther King Jr said, It’s no now for the drug of gradualism.
I mind not, waited this long for you.
Baby, why isn't ok to bring me in?

This poor suitor have come this far.
For you sake, he’s this way;
Knowing and seeing nothing but you,
Seldom and incomplete without you.
Where other brides are searching and seeking
Still, you only cause his heart beating.

O precious and pretty lady!
Hmm, you must be as fine as a bouncing baby.
How can a man show his strength without a task?
How can I prove my love without a chance?
Baby, let me into your arms.
Baby, save me the suffer.
I help you with the sweet surrender.

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