by manuel ryan ricohermoso
Published on: Feb 8, 2009
Type: Opinions

During prehistoric times, our ancestors communicated by etching on cave walls or mimicking animal sounds, but due to the creative minds and heroic effort of our patriotic scientists, helpful gadgets have been developed for the betterment of communication. Mobile phones or “cellular phones” are among these gadgets.

Mobile phones serve as the most popular means of communication in recent times. Aside from their main purpose as an effective and efficient medium of communication, they have features, which mobile companies continue to adapt to any customers’ lifestyles. However, there are also bad effects of the mentioned technology, especially when it is used wrongly.

I remember being in the Philippines few years back. While watching a midnight news program I was horrified by a bloody scene from a car accident. Four teenagers had fallen victim to the fatal tragedy after their car fell thirty meters from a high wooden bridge. According to the investigator, the only reason for the accident was that the driver had been talking on the phone during the whole trip: this means that his concentration was not on the road.

Authorities have prohibited the use of mobile phones while driving. This is because data has proven that most vehicular accidents on the road involve the use of the said technology. The situation is so bad that numerous warning signs have been scattered around and awareness campaigns have been started to inform people of the dangers. A lot of people show lack of discipline and concern for their own lives: they continue the practice of using their phones while holding on to the steering wheel with only one hand.

Another horrible fact regarding mobile phones is that some people use them to cheat. A good example of a victim to that scenario was my college schoolmate. She received a text message from somebody who claimed to be the representative of a particular bank. The “representative” stated that my friend had won one hundred thousand pesos in the lottery, but to get the amount she would have to give ten thousand pesos for the tax and bank processing fee. After my schoolmate had given away all the money that had initially been allotted for her tuition fee and monthly allowance, the texter suddenly disappeared and shut off his mobile.

In the United Arab Emirates, to get a phone number, one has to buy a SIM (Security Identification Module) for his/ her mobile phone. The purchaser must first surrender a photocopy of his passport. Therefore, he/ she can’t use his phone in deceiving because his identity can be revealed by authorities through the mobile number stated in his SIM.

It has been observed that mobile gadgets can also affect the productivity of a particular company. This is for obvious reasons. Sending messages and making calls during office hours reduces the daily output of the staff and workers.

Communication has come a long way. Companies are always looking for different ways to enhance it. They work on this technology and other essential creations with good intentions in mind. This is to say they want to make people’s lives more comfortable. When these intentions are abandoned, the sweat of our heroes in science comes to nothing.

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