by EUCHARIA IGWe Nee-Chukwuma
Published on: Feb 1, 2009
Type: Poetry

Love, oh! Love
We all invoke your name time after time
We all claim to know or have you at some point
What are you exactly? Just a feeling or just a word?
Only if we always truly mean it, the world will be better
Love, oh! Love
You are one, yet mean different things to different folks
Love between parents and children
Love between siblings
Love between great friends
Love between married couples
Love for God and love of God
Love for one’s country
Love for one’s pet and material properties
Love for humanity
Love for entertainment
Love for food and wine
Love for special, pricy possessions
Love, oh! Love
Love, yes love, you are indeed a chameleon
Yes, you come in different forms and sizes
We can't see or touch you, but we know that you do EXIST
You are more than just a word or a feeling
You are more powerful than swords and bombs
You can melt the hardest of heart and mend broken ones
You are an entity by yourself
Hope we always give you—Love—a fighting chance!

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