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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Mobile phone Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Simonette Brebenariu, Romania Jan 27, 2009
Human Rights , Education , Technology   Poetry


Mobile phone M-odern technology outrages the sensitivities of all mankind,
adheres the good news to all who have a unique power of mind.

O-bsession on ringing and sending messages with photos in grand,
money is wasted through communication, an updated cell as brand!

B-ringing the tasks on with easy, affordable, movable, and unlimited access,
everyone can buy the load, anywhere, somewhere, take a guess!

I-nformation thrills the sender and the receiver, connections are here to list,
tons are saved, short cuts progress, even script is encoded on a gist!

L-ovenotes pop-in to those lovers whose sweetness is more and true,
but definitely united to the spirit of friendship; as ever to see through;

E-ffectivity swings to the variety of programs within the memory card,
concept switch-in to SMS which rates the bits on time… graveyard!

P-lacing the chances on what's new... to a world... of bulky computers,
making matters worse or better to the joy of all cellphone users!

H-appiness brings good times; calls monopolize, words revitalize,
senses adjust to responsibilities which everyone must have to criticize!

O-wning more and more models of this innovative, creative, minutive gizmo,
may we ever experience it too, the invisible lightning in our lives here too!

N-oting this device, as man's best electronic friend in the universe,
intuition recalls those names like Edison, Graham Bell... to address.

E-mpowerment bears the vertical or horizontal and digital invention,

MOBILEPHONE conquers the minds of the new generation!

Picture, Cell Phone Warning in Church, by Matthew Huebert.



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Simonette Brebenariu

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Juliejacqui | Apr 2nd, 2009
Excellent Piece

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