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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Everything On Me Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Miyar De'Nyok, Canada Jan 14, 2009
Environment , Human Rights , Education   Poetry


Everything On Me: poem by Miyar De’Nyok or Akurdit
Our friendship is normal
Our love is convivial
Our habitat is friendly
We all have to compromise
We all have to seek forgiveness
We all have to terms as family
Because we need one another

Not long ago,
That we became enemies
That we became supper egos
That you do not care about me
That you your egos create trouble
To yourself, what did I do to you my friend?

Today, I see many innocents bleeding from harsh scorches
I see you appealing to yourself
My friend, when did realize?
That your barbaric action is haunting you
That your schematic approach is failing you
That your magical discovery is deterring sustainability

My friend, I will forgive you if you give me
My friend, forgiveness is the redemption of sin,
My friend, for forgive to find solution to better living
My friend, for give to maintain your races and other species
All you need, is to reverse the coin into sustainability
And tomorrow will be better bright future



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Writer Profile
Miyar De'Nyok

I am a Southern Sudanese who is studying at the University of Waterloo Canada, majoring in Environment and Resource Studies and minoring in Sustainable Local Economic Development.

I am a poet. I love writing. When i write, I feel okay.
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