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The Beauty of this World Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Robbie, Australia Jan 13, 2009
Health , Environment   Poetry


The Beauty of this World Incandescent,pulsing,tendrils of warmth stroking lightly it's wind swept child, glissading over dew topped grass, breath brilliance, light and exuberance into the sun-parched flowers.

The soft hum of sleeping forests, growing to twittering conversations, jubilant squawks of realisation, realisation of the beauty of the world, the immeasurable, insurmountable amount of pure joy, springing from the morning of the land.

Sunset, the hazy line of iridescence slowly succumbing to the inevitable fold of night.

The sky a painting, the impassive black canvas of night splotched with stars, each holding new worlds, and mysteries in the immesaurable depths of the Universe.

The calm night safe, dark, warm, the musky scent of the earth more intricate, the draughs of cold welcome, a flurry of life, sand, snow, dirt, each holding a different story as it seems to float near you, reaching out to you, the distant calls never forgotten, as the are whisked away into the cimmerian sky.

Realisation too overwhelming, gasping in the unfathomable beauty and exuberance, closing your eyes, breathing, breathing, each breath a new and wonderful thing, measuring each moment, reveling in the insurmountable happiness swelling up inside, then smiling, at the Beauty of this world.



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Writer Profile

I am a 13 year old boy working to become an author. My love of writing surfaced when I was about 7, and my ambition to become an author has grown and so has my writing (I hope), I feel that writing is the easiest and the most satisfying way to express myself and that words are one of the most precious things, and to stretch them to their very limits, use them in unique ways, is the most expressive form of media. I aspire to one day master this intricate, beautiful language and use them in more creative, wonderful ways. I would greatly appreciate any tips or constructive criticsm on my work, especially from a current or former author. I would recommend writing to anyone looking for an enjoyable hobby or career,and you might be surprised, everyone has a different style of writing, and if you think yours is only average, it might actually be brilliant.

What I'm aiming at.
Robbie | Jan 13th, 2009
As well as the joy of writing, I'm trying to show how stupid and futile war is, and how it can just throw all this away, for a cause that can be settled by words.

Luti Silimela | Jun 21st, 2009
i cnt believe that u r 12. i mean your diction firstly is war wat skil do you go to! whoa. secondly i thought i was a gud poet (guess i was wrong) u my friend are good. i serously would love for you to be my friend . i mean you are so young but deep man , like so totally deep i respect that. i have the utter most respect for you. Your poems are so true, pure and soulful (i hope they are yours and not pleajurisied- im bad at spelling please forgive me) hav a great week man. You have got a lot of talent and u r gonna go far. WOW!!!

Robbie | Jun 22nd, 2009
Wow thanks, it really gives me confidence to hear things like that. I really do believe in what I write, and I want to be an author. I also hate plagerism, and I swear to you, this is all my own work.

Robbie | Jun 22nd, 2009
I think I really like this poem, I wrote it when I was just gazing out my window, and it sounds really corny but I had kinda an epiphany, and I just had to write it. It wasn't even hard, the words just came.

asma siddiqua sayed | Oct 14th, 2010
All I can say is WOW! You're only thirteen. The view outside the window must have been beautiful because your words are. I hope when you grow up, you will always retain this unique perspective.

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