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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Letter to Dua Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by akinbo a. a. cornerstone, Nigeria Jan 8, 2009
Culture , Political Thought , Human Rights   Poetry


I was there the other day on the
squash court with you,
I saw your fingers, your grip and
vouch your stamina,
but Sir,
Do you believe that your death is
possible if you think alone about
your responsibility ?

Sorry i said it Sir, but it's true...
...or so i think;

At the buka close the mad house in the
city where it dawns first on Earth, I heard...
...I heard that your choice was right,
They also claim you are smart and slow...
...a virtue many critics do not desire,
Some said you do not take enough Kunu,
Others claim you are scared of hurting
the enemy that brought you to power,
Is it true ?
Can they be fair at all ?
Will it build our Nation ?
Dua...what can you say to this allegations;

Last night i dreamt...
...i had a dream that i will be
the one in power in 2015,
That i would become the hope
of a new generation of the people,
It was a dream that gave me a map,
A road map with names and swings,
Attempted blackmails, cases and deaths,
All i know is that 'Onile'is true,
The chosen never fail as long as
they are truthful to the world and its



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Writer Profile
akinbo a. a. cornerstone

A prolific Nigerian writer with a gift for words. Wrote under the pen name of Fad and Quad during the Military Era. Currently uses the "pscornerstone" signature.

An activist with religious inclination and respect for cultural heritage, he grew up streetwise and with great love for his country, Nigeria.

He believes that he who holds the word holds the world.
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