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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Media , Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Poetry


Did you see the movies last night?
Or were you too busy on your assignment?
I was up to see the obscene scenes again,
No adult to caution my eyes or sighs,
I was up with the tube as my teacher...
...and I listened;

I saw the world in a single tour,
The moans I can now mimic...
...like the one mummy made with dad,
I need not eavesdrop on any of them,
They barely see me nor pay attention,
...I journey alone to the worlds,
I decipher good or bad at my discretion,
I blow my horn and see evil when I choose;

I learnt and learnt fast...
...the cartoons tried to help but failed,
So much for Bond or the so called blues,
My eyes drifted with my mind and my soul,
I leapt for trials and test runs,
I saw and heard my desired destination only,
So much from the tube...
...so little from my parent,
That’s my faith...the faith of the global child.



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Writer Profile
akinbo a. a. cornerstone

A prolific Nigerian writer with a gift for words. Wrote under the pen name of Fad and Quad during the Military Era. Currently uses the "pscornerstone" signature.

An activist with religious inclination and respect for cultural heritage, he grew up streetwise and with great love for his country, Nigeria.

He believes that he who holds the word holds the world.
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