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Another year, another opportunity Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by ADEOLA, Nigeria Jan 6, 2009
Health , Education , Peace & Conflict   Opinions


This I remunerate upon because we are not better than those who died for whatever reason know to God in the last year, many of them had dreams unrealized, vision unaccomplished, desires that never came alive among others.

Just like my friend Abayomi "Wyse" said recently at the Top 100 Our Generneration Nigeria Youth Leadership Programme by asking some question such as:

“If you were told that you have only 6 month to live in the year 2009, what will you do and what we be our priority for the new year”..

“If we die today and God brought us back to live for a particular reason, how do we spent the year 2009 or even the rest of our lives”.

“If we were given #10 million today, how do we spent it when we hear of famine, devastation, war, ill public health system, illiteracy level scoring high all around Africa) how do we spent it and posterity will bless us” .

I had “if today you were told of a close friend of yours was jailed for a sin he did not commit, how we will you feel and what will you spent the rest of 2009 doing. For me, these questions are mind blowing and a food for thought”.

However. I know for some of us we might have had in the outgoing year:

Dreams unrealized

Goals we never met

Visions unaccomplished

Mistakes made

I believe the past is gone, let us face the new year with heart and mind to explode with our time, talents expertise, the great opportunities ahead of us.

I believe like Obama inspite of the challenges ahead of us in the New Year, YES WE CAN.

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Writer Profile

I am Adeola Ogunlade, a journalist, social activist & commentator, mentor, volunteer, coach, and a voice for the voiceless youth in our society. I am deeply committed towards the emancipation of Nigeria youth in which I have dedicated my time and talents in my report in one of the leading National dailies in Nigeria, (The Nation Newspapers) with a focus on Youth Development in Nigeria. I equally founder a Community Youth Development initiative called Youth Advocate for Change (YAC) in Akute, Ifo Local Government, Ogun State, South West, Nigeria in 2006 with the vision to educate young minds at the community level with the right value and equally help in harnessing their skills for productiv and profitable venture for themselves and the nation at large.

Adeola Ogunlade
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