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Youth restiveness– its likely causes and effects Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Pap-sy, Nigeria Jan 6, 2009
Globalization   Opinions


It is often opined that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. True to this fact, youths who are not employed or engaged in any legal vice or the other, often resort to vices which are capable of disrupting the social order of an ordered society.

Many nurture the belief that the youths are always to be blamed for their restive attitudes, but I would debunk this view. Rather, youth restiveness ‘zeros-in’ to the psychological thoughts cultured by a child from his youthful stage; while undergoing parental upbringing.

A child that is psychologically imbued with the thoughts of being hardworking, when he grows up, he will basically not become restive irrespective of the varying job circumstances around him. But the question now is; how can the ‘psycho-mental’ upbringing of a child be perfectly achieved to brew a future with abundant talents? Well, during child development at an early age, so many interactions; either direct or indirect takes place between a child and his parents, between a child and his immediate community and also between a child and his environment (physical factors).

A child who is often taught, cultured and bred as a ‘rose field’ will definitely give up when the ‘rose field’ are dried. But a child helped to reason about both the positive and negative side of life, will definitely overcome such perilous situations and avoid or rather deserts the mishaps of being restive.

On the contrary, lack of provision of ‘basic employing establishments’ are often seen as the cause of youth restiveness in our societies due to their inability to secure basic employment. To debunk this fact, youths could be self-employed, engage in menial paying chores available within their locality, make savings from such services and run little petty trading or other mini-scale trading outfits.

Though the psychology of a youth comes into play at this juncture – where he lacks basic employment and also where he could choose to be self-employed by defining simple tactics. If as we’ve said, if his psycho-mentality has been well trained and developed from his childhood upwards, he becomes better attuned at mind and seeks to be self employed, otherwise he would feel worthless due to the fact that he is not able to secure basic employment and lacks the thought to be self-employed, thereby giving-up and engaging in negative vices most prone to restive youths, thus encouraging youth restiveness.

The societal implication of youth restiveness is that it leads to the breakdown and collapse of a once-emulative society. Peer attraction would well contribute to the number of such youths whose vices are against the norms and tenets of a well-behaved and ordered society. The social implication us that there is a haphazard way of life, which gets over-hand and it leads to disaster in habits and deeds of these youths. Economically speaking, at the short-run, the implications are quite negligent, but at the long-run they are very detrimental to the economy of the state because we’ve bred men-to-be of poor psycho-mentality.

‘zeros-in’ – Boils down
‘psycho-mental’ – intelligent quotient development
‘Rose field’ – endless pleasure with no labor/work at all
‘Basic employing establishments’ – employment firm of any sort (small, medium or large scale)



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still on yout restiveness
Onyekachi Mercy | Feb 17th, 2011
youth restiveness is my research/project topic.from my findings,education can go a long way in curbing youth restiveness in Nig.government should make efforts in promoting vocational education in order to reduce unemployment.Teachers should place more value on character transformation and value rsorientation of learners more than certificate and grades.youths should embrace education fully

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