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The Siege of Gaza and Solidarity Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Adham Tobail, Palestine Dec 12, 2008
Human Rights , Peace & Conflict , Genocide   Poetry


Strip a small area, see the eyes of the world every day
The suffering there has been going on for years, a small prison isolated from the world
Children being killed every day
Youth lost their future
Hospitals without medicine
Schools without books
Shortage of food and medicine
The picture is clear to all
Can you break the siege of Gaza?
Can you Azkhal smiles on our children?

Year and a half and still suffering, the Gaza Strip from the siege and the scourge of the blockade,
Severe shortage of medical drugs, the death of more than 200, people have no guilt at being prevented from traveling for treatment,
Children with low scores of health, care for those who look to their parents helping of this death,
Total closure of crossings and borders prevent students from completing their studies abroad, a shortage of school supplies and extreme poverty,
Israel's collective punishment imposed on the sector; however, some ships were able to penetrate the solidarity blockade and be successful
How can youth work in the Solidarity Campaign? Access to Gaza is the ways and means to participate in the campaign of international solidarity, fore young people
Wait for your participation
And the media talk about everyday siege, don't know what is happening in Gaza
There is nothing called a violation of both humans
Who knows that children are dying every day
Who knows, children without food, without schools
Who knows, hundreds of young people are unable to go to universities
Who knows that Gaza's a big prison
Who knows we die every day
Who knows Gaza hospitals
Who knows that Gaza's living in darkness
Who knows that there is no electricity in Gaza
Who knows there are one million and a half with a siege imposed on them and house arrest
Everything dies in Gaza
But stop and think how the international solidarity campaigns are loaded into Gaza, the milk or the children,
How young, we are English and foreign, cannot move and look at what is happening in Gaza
Let us be brave; we are the biggest campaign of international solidarity
Israel, laugh
Media in the whole world
We are waiting for a few youths of the world,
Adhbwa to defend the injustice imposed on Gaza
Do you, Tsnawa, step for the children there?
This message to the free world:
To all the youth of the world, know human rights
You waited for the lifting of injustice from the Gaza Strip
You are the future
And you, you are our life
Involved with us for a decent life for our children and our youth
You are the best in the free world



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Writer Profile
Adham Tobail

I believe in freedom and democracy, the basis for the success of people. Young people are unable to work and change the political, social and economical issues.

Youth must begin to work and try several times to win the honor first. Experiment has been successful, experience in change.

I hope in a world of safety and intercultural dialogue and peace.
I hope to open a new page of development and hard work among young people of all cultures. Participation is the solution to all judges. Let's start together for the world access to
defend human rights in the world. Political freedoms and democracy is the goal--dreams that the community continues to safety, love and peace. Good upbringing of young people must rely on debate and dialogue and harmony between peoples of the world.

There is no room for war and the violation of human dignity.
Youth movement in the hands of change in the world--young people must Inmtlkua skills debate, dialogue and persuasion, justice of the various.

Elizabeth Arceo | Feb 3rd, 2009
I know that we can't feel the same that you and the people from Palestine are dealing with, but we feel truly sorry for this abuse and I know that many of us would and want to do something more helpful, but we didn't find the way yet.

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