by Haris S
Published on: Dec 2, 2008
Type: Opinions

In my country, it is said, that "a youth's blood is boiling", wanting to show how energetic and active a youth is. But, unfortunately, this does not happen in most of the societies of the western world.

In the last few years, most of the teenagers don't really care about what's happening in their country. They don't feel the need to comment and criticize the governments and their decisions.

You might think, that this is because they are bored or they are simply incurious about politics, that they've got better things to do, like listening to music and so on. These used to be my thoughts, too, some time ago. But now I understand the real reason of their indifference. The actions of their governments.

They get disappointed, because they react to those actions, they suggest solutions, they have ideas for their countries and the whole world... but, nothing's happening.

For example, I am sure you are aware of what's happening in Greece these days. A policeman fired a 15th year old teenager. This caused a massive outrage of youths and adults... to mention, but a few, in Athens, protesting students from all schools were shouting about this event. In many other cities, students attacked the Police Stations of their neighbourhoods and in my city, which I believe was the best protest, students went outside the Police Station, sat down holding black flags and didn't talk or shout. This is the best reaction, no causing damage to other people or stores, just passing the message they want, "why this happened?"

But, the protests aren't caused only because of the youth, who was killed. These protests are also because of the problems that our society faces. Bad education, economical crisis and so on.

Unfortunately, government didn't do anything. Our Prime Minister did not accept the resignation or the Minister of Internal Affairs, which means that he didn't believe that he was responsible for what happened...

Anyway, I don't want to make you feel dizzy or bored, so I have to stop mentioning more details of this event. I think you have understood my point.
Politicians, don't listen to us, they don't listen to us and our thoughts. They just take us for granted.

They ask our opinions in the Youth Parliaments and again don't do anything. Some years ago a minister slept, while a youth was expressing their thoughts on an issue.

Don't you think we should change that? Yes, we should not stop shouting, screaming, reacting about the actions of the presidents, prime ministers, parliaments. Even if they don't listen to our thoughts, we have to continue expressing our thoughts, our views, our suggestions about issues regarding the society and our lives.

We should not lose our hopes. Don't forget... Youths dream, hope, shout, change!

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