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Quest For a Real Friend Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Jen, Philippines Nov 27, 2003
Child & Youth Rights   Opinions


For sure, you’ve heard of the saying, “No man is an island”, and we could actually relate with this. No matter what, no matter who you are you really need somebody. You need a companion as you sojourn in this life full of splendors and surprises. As you least expect it, you meet either a companion who would lead you to the right track or a companion who would push you to the ravine.

Aside from your parents, brothers, sisters and kin you always tend to look for more companions. When you are away from home you meet various people with different individualism. You gain an acquaintance just for companionship in happiness and when your help is needed. Others are showing off or practicing hypocrisy. When you turn your back on them, they suddenly raise their eyebrows and mar you with betrayal. Therefore, your trust in them is lost. You come to the misconception that all of them are alike. You believe that this world is full of hypocrites and you also need to feign to survive. However, you hope that one day a real friend will come on your way. A friend who would protect you when you’re persecuted, console you when you’re troubled, understand you, when you’re mistaken.

As of now, you have probably journeyed long and far, embarked on various places, gone to school, joined prominent organizations, browsed many shopping malls, gone to concerts, and attended parties, all in which you encounter many people, while in the midst of a search for a real friend. And yet, regardless of all your attempts, you still fail. Why? It is because such a friend doesn't exist in this ironic world, or rather, you are not a real friend yourself. Maybe you are a person who seeks for your own sake, marvels at earthly things and manifest conditional love. Maybe you are numb, and absorbed on worries and anxieties, not knowing that a real friend is right in front of you.

Actually to find a real friend in this contemporary world is too bothersome. But it is now the time for you to know where to find a real friend. Your long quest could not be anymore in vain because at the time you know this someone you will never be without a friend anymore. He is always beside you every step of the way. In your busy days, He is taken for granted, in your troubled days, He wants to come near you and console you but you shun Him and turn to an material-based friend. In the midst of triumphs, He is happy for you and waits for your attention but you feel proud and think you don’t need Him anymore. However, I write this with wishes to open up your eyes and know the ultimate meaning of friendship. He is the only friend in this world who will not betray, deride and desert you because He loves you very much. He is no other than our loving Lord, Jesus Christ. Though trials may come to test you loyalty to Him, just hold on for He will not take beyond what you can no longer bear. Do not think that you are alone because your parents, brothers, sisters, kin and loyal friends are there to console you. They are your companions who help to throw away boredom in your journey, and maintain your faith in Him.



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