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This is our day Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by samiraisir, Somalia Nov 29, 2008
Human Rights   Opinions


Yesterday, it was a beautiful evening, warm and soft and very still. I watched a dance troupe of moths pirouette outside on my house window screen, attracted to the light from my desk lamp inside for I have switched all the lights off, and had not pulled the curtains. The variety and sizes of these supposedly nighttime dancers were quite amazing - some so tiny they seemed almost like a speck of dust, others as long and broad as my hand, others with shiny red eyes, still others with antennae three or four times longer than their bodies. I watched them with fascination as my lamp illuminated their bodies against the black space beyond. Round and round they went, all attracted to and mesmerized by something bright and beautiful that will always be just out of their reach. Why were they struggling so much to get in? I asked myself. Suppose I did let them in, what whould have happened. sadly, I shall never know for I never did so.

So, today morning, I looked out through the same window. Across the street, my neighbours help was knocking the gate. She wanted to enter into the compoud, I thought. Its a conclusion that I made from her acts. Why did she want to get into the compoud?

About twenty metres or so, the night guard was washing his face from an old flower vase, I guessed after a long nights job. Why was he at it?

Thats when I got the answer. Thats when I knew why the moths were trying to get in. Thats why I knew why the househelp wanted to enter the compoud. Its because it was time. It was their time. Their time was then...which is basically they felt their time was NOW!

My dear friends I also thought. Many of us are in one way or another doing something at that moment. It was out time to do what we were doing. We should all have felt that OUR TIME IS THEM...which was...NOW!!

Our lives are not as straight as they should be. Life is a batch of moments. We have happy times and a couple of sad times thrown in. There are dizzy spells or side effects from the medicines we take, ran ins with friends we meet, bosses kicking our asses, matatu drivers messing us up, but friends, lets not wait for tomorrow to complain. Our time is NOW. We have to start feeling positive and sure that everything will be fine. Lets start believing strongly in ourselves. Lets not abandon our friends or even try to be anti social, lets make this our time. The shortcomings we face just underline what things are really important in this short stretch of life we're given. Invite them for a drink...(no one takes coffee anymore..or so Kinyua thinks)

Never feel isolated. Never indulge in self pity, never feel as though the universe keeps plotting aganist you. There are potential solutions for this. Look at yourself in that office mirror...or the one in your bag...or the one at the dressing room. Never again ask what bright creative you needs to do to get a solution. Be yourself. Make the moment you are in yours. Control your life. Do it NOW, not tomorrow. Do not let your friends do it for you.

Tell your friends/neighbours little things that would make them smile – what the’d eaten for supper, what was the most interesting site they observed that day, what interested then most in the days news. Its your time to make them happy, and not vice versa.

If its night, just go out, look into the sky and the millions of stars - make a wish on each one, a simple wish that all your friends are well.. In making these wishes, let your hands reach up to heaven to try to touch a star or two, to move them to grant your wish - in trying to touch heaven and the stars, however, you shall feel as though you want to reach and tough all your friends. Do try and do it tomorrow. No. Do it NOW. This is your NOW!

Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life — learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some. Do that some NOW.

Flush all bad dreams and ideas down the cess pit. Forget about the sad bad things that have happened to you over the period. Look and touch yourself. You can feel it. You are alive and well. Start a fresh live NOW. This is your time. Your time is NOW.

From NOW, let people not only interest you. Forgive all those that have wronged you. Be friendly and close to them. Respect them the way they will respect you. Let your soft touch weaken them. Let your goodness enamor them. Let your virtues captivate them. Let your trust engross them. Upon securing their trust, your mind and soul will finally find peace and contentment. The time to do it is not tomorrow. Its not this evening. Its NOW. This is your NOW!

Finish all the outstanding business NOW, and not tomorrow.....and am off...to finish my book...Unfinished Works of Samira Hassan...NOW!



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Writer Profile

I do enjoy writing but most of my writings are in my diary and I never thought that Iwas going to share with anyone one day. I chose these pieces to take part in TIG. I hope that you all enjoy what I will contribute here.
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