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The power that kills Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Miyar De'Nyok, Canada Nov 23, 2008
Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Poetry


Africa! Africa! Africa!
Are you crazy?
The land of milk and honey
Corrupted by ill greediness
Romantic political influences

Blood thirsty to human life
War and genocide
Will this cruelty?
Relieve you from hatred
Traumatized politicians
Created no mercy

Bomb! Bomb! Bomb!
Oh! Dear civilians’ lives
Debilitated to metal legs and limbs
Thousands run with minors care
War created single parent

The remains of wars
Inherited nothing
But unforgivable selfishness
Anyway, who will bear their burdens?
Is it the sympathetic world?

Is killing the alternative?
Or diplomatic approaches
Leaders! What a mournful life?
To unborn generations
Oh! Dear civilians’ lives

We appeal to international community
Peace and humanity is not from heaven
Burdens of war traumatize
The victim of powerful struggle
Hear our voices

Africa! Africa! Africa!
Calm your tempers
Genocide and diseases are your enemies
Poverty and overdependence on foreign aid
Are your colonial masters?



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Writer Profile
Miyar De'Nyok

I am a Southern Sudanese who is studying at the University of Waterloo Canada, majoring in Environment and Resource Studies and minoring in Sustainable Local Economic Development.

I am a poet. I love writing. When i write, I feel okay.
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