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by Azira Aziz, Malaysia Nov 26, 2003
Human Rights   Poetry


Don’t tell me that I’m in love
Don’t tell me I’m trapped in a cove
Don’t tell me to dare to hope
Don’t tell me to bear and cope
I refuse to acknowledge it

Don’t tell me that I’m hopeless
Don’t tell me I’m easily burst
Don’t tell me I’ve fallen again
Deep into the deep dirty drain
Cause I don’t want to hear it

Don’t tell me I’m stupid and ugly
Don’t tell me that I’m foolishly silly
Don’t tell me I’m unwanted and hated
Don’t tell me there’s more to be wanted
Than me, because I refuse to think so

Don’t tell me what I won’t be
Don’t tell me not to be free
Don’t tell me to do what you say
Don’t tell me to stay away
Cause I won’t do it

But instead
Treat me with humility
Blessed with sacred unity
With acknowledgement and respect
And all fused in fact

Please treat me, as I deserve to be
No false pretence or fantasy
Show me logical things that needs to see
I’m not a fool as you think of me
Let this little seed grow into a tree



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Writer Profile
Azira Aziz

There are no definitive truths, there are no definitive facts, all we have are mere opinions, of which significance is derived from consensus.

Muhammad Awais Aftab | Nov 28th, 2003
well Miss Azira your poem indicates as if you have had a tough life and you are not happy with the way people treat you. Overall its good poetry.

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