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Africa's Independence? Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Remish, Zambia Nov 11, 2008
Peace & Conflict , Poverty , Human Rights   Poetry


Independence in Africa?
Oh spare me, son of my mother.
What independence is there to talk about
When budgets made and money spent are engineered by the donors?
What good is political independence when economical emancipation is still a myth?

Indeed, independence in Africa is much far worse than colonialism!
I would rather go back to colonialism
For it pays to be a slave yet enjoy peace at heart
Than to be free yet suffer at the breast of mankind,
At the hands of greedy and power-hungry politicians,
All failing to run their countries,
Forcing mothers and children to run for their lives!

Independence? What is independence?
What is independence when 80% of the nation's wealth is enjoyed by only 15% of the population?
What is independence
When water is being bought at a price of fuel,
When hospitals have no medicine but Paracetamol?
I am not a medical doctor but I know Paracetamol is no medicine for malaria!

What is independence
When a common man can't afford a decent meal,
When he has no commodity but salt and spice,
When brother is left to kill brother just for half a cup of uncooked rice?

Arise, oh children of my mother!
Save this Africa from Political Shame,
Realise your potential and give us the Independence that has meaning.



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Writer Profile

Remmy is a young male HIV and gender activist in Southern Africa. He has presented different papers and abstracts at different conferences. Although he is still studying, Remmy is proactive in the fight against HIV; he has led his fellow youths in advocacy campaigns and now coordinates a project called 'Men n' Gender'. Remmy is currently the GYCA National Focal Point Person for Zambia.

Just to add...
Emperor Omorogiuwa Edionseri | Feb 2nd, 2009
...A slave enjoys no peace at heart. All he/she is forced to do and does is bring peace to the heart of his/her master... A slave is seen as commodity-entity! Not a personality! So don't think that you'll find peace in the heart of a slave. You're a good poet I say.

Emperor Omorogiuwa Edionseri | Feb 2nd, 2009
We must "Arise, oh children of my mother!"... Yes, it is a cry that even I and many more must cry, try, till we got an Africa that's 'trully African!'. I must emphasize that for an African, who has drank the African breast and trully treasures the African chest, it's full blooded treason to declare with your breadth still in your chest, "I would rather go back to colonialism" My brother, a day at large is better than a thousand years in prison... We must not ask "my mother" to be raped again just to provide for her children. We Africans can make a change and we'll, just with time and even with help... but do not call "my mother"('s) "independence" from dehumanization "far worse than colonialism!" because you've never tasted slavery... Remember there are always two sides to a coin! Salute to our heroes past!

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