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Why Africa? Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by kaboyo julius, Rwanda Nov 1, 2008
Culture , Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Poetry


Why Africa? Why should it be Africa,
where children starve amidst food,
people die evil deaths without cause,
war wipes out entire communities and commodities
and causes panic inside our intestines--
leading to miscarriages that discourage
our courage?

Why we,
they say, our soils are fertile,
our land is the richest without reach,
yet we languish in biting poverty,
sickening solitude of absolute hunger,
as if there is no one to help?
Our life span is below God's promise,
our culture is decaying beyond rotting.
What have we done to deserve this?

Why we,
who were the beloved of the world,
whose culture stood firm like the Muvule tree,
whose children saw no sickness and agony,
us that bore the courage of giants--now
we are marked with fear and fright to flight
from our own father's land?
We, whose beauty was bound to no bolting
but brood beyond horizons--now
opt for imported beautification.
Us, who believed in love and unity,
now tear each other like tigers.

Why we,
who cherished chastity and honesty,
but now believe in immorality and betrayal?
Tell me brother--who triggered us to this
treacherous, treasonous life,
punctuated by misery, pain, hunger,
death, deprivation, despair, disillusionment,
and degradation from our captors?
Who should we blame for this?
The gods, the invader, the era, or ourselves?
Who will help us?

Picture, Wars in Africa, by aminhilal



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Writer Profile
kaboyo julius

My name is Kaboyo Julius from Uganda, Kabarole district, Tooro kingdom, in the western part of the country.

Currently, I am a teacher of English language, Literature in English, and Psychology at Sunrise High school in Rwanda. I like writing things that will change the world since I feel this world is not the place it should be.

As a person who studied psychology and literature, I like to check people's minds and what they think, whether it reflects what they believe in. This makes most of my writing seem emotional if I am right about my writings.

Henry Ekwuruke | Jan 31st, 2009
Kaboyo, it's definitely going to be Africa in the 21st century and when we mean Africa, sooner, it is going to be a positive Africa, a changed Africa of our dreams!

You're rich!
Emperor Omorogiuwa Edionseri | Jan 31st, 2009
You're rich! You're rich! You're so rich! Not by the weight of your wallet but by the content of your intellect. You're rich! Because you insist there's to see For you know what you see You're rich! For you've called an Express Where many more prefer to disguise You're so rich! Because so is our Mother And you've insisted to bother O you're rich! For you've dared to ask why Though, no more are many for this why O so rich! You've inspired another mind To wear your shoes and not mind O my far away brother! Yours is not of anger It is the worth of any man Not breastfeed by a man Who are we? Why are we? Written by EDIONSERI ENDURANCE OMOROGIUWA On Saturday 23:45 31st Jan. 2009 Inspired by _KABOYO JULIUS_

who WILL help us?
Zukiswa Bolani | Feb 3rd, 2009
yes indeed who will help us. I can relate to your poem in so many ways, & i think now as Afrikans we must mature to a level of collective consciousness in realising that the poverty & despair we find ourselves in can be ended by us working together, in unity. the Afrikan problem, must have an Afrikan solution. thank you for your words, they make me realise that maybe I'm not alone in struggle.

Daniella Fanitsa Mickelson | Feb 5th, 2009
Your poem was very emotional, and meaningful. Your poem really moved me and opened my eyes to the true issues in Africa.

Abdulsalam Badamasi | Aug 26th, 2009
Oh sure it really did Daniella, but come to think of it...wasnt it rather too hollow and damning...yes we got a lot of anguish in Africa..but we are alot betetr than what the poem is trying to put across.

kaboyo julius | Feb 8th, 2014
Thanks for these great inspiring comments. They give me more energy to experience the pains and joys of my heart. Thanks.

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