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Oh, my mother! Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by kaboyo julius, Rwanda Oct 29, 2008
Culture , Peace & Conflict , Human Rights   Poetry


I wonder why wired wickedness
Wipes wildly our worthy culture?
A kingdom where bulls mowed like calves,
In zigzag ways, women’s waists wagged,
Sending weak men wild with morality,
Where men valued virtue and vanity
Beyond beauty.
Children chilled at the sound of the family chief,
But now chiefs fear fights with their children
And sacrifice morality.

Leave me weep, my beloved culture.
Isn’t it said that when the house leader sleeps on his tongue,
The calves sleep on the mad in the barn?
Why? Our leaders tear each other like tigers,
Women call virginity villageism,
The palace has become a place for disputes
Instead of discussions and development.

What has become of our cultural values?
Is there anyone bewitching us?
Have we insulted the gods in any way
That we are paying for the evils against them?
Has the stranger stolen away what is ours,
And given us what we don’t know the meaning,
Purpose, proclamations, and providence of?

If only my tears could tear the walls,
My heart could cease to wail
And my mind would cease to race
Over race and religious hypocrisy.
Now I see no hope, and hope not.



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Writer Profile
kaboyo julius

My name is Kaboyo Julius from Uganda, Kabarole district, Tooro kingdom, in the western part of the country.

Currently, I am a teacher of English language, Literature in English, and Psychology at Sunrise High school in Rwanda. I like writing things that will change the world since I feel this world is not the place it should be.

As a person who studied psychology and literature, I like to check people's minds and what they think, whether it reflects what they believe in. This makes most of my writing seem emotional if I am right about my writings.

Simon James | Jan 31st, 2009
Oh Julius, this is one of the most beautifull things I have read in recent times. It is touchy, poetic and philosophical. I am not suprised ur field of study says it all.My love to all your friends in Uganda and Rwanda.I want you to be my friend.

Tshepo | Feb 15th, 2009
Oh thats deep I think u are the best poet by far 2 date.I do say u are extremely talented.I would like to visit your country in the future

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