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War and Discrimination Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Ajerigo James Agana, Nov 19, 2003
Human Rights   Opinions


Discrimination in my personal view is the part of human conscience that makes him supercilious or rather makes him see only the inferior sides of their fellow beings. As a youth and leader, my first perception about discrimination is that, it is evil (an unbiblical aspect) and a catalyst of promoting the destruction of world peace. To the best of my knowledge, I perceive discrimination as an obstacle that hinders development because of a lack of co-operation, integrity and integration among humans.

Discrimination discourages accountability in various departments, and leads to embezzlement and mismanagement because, people would be denied their obligation o participate, contribute, or perform in certain fields or functions.

Discrimination actually delays development due to the lack of a platform for folks to express their best of knowledge on certain issues that matter. Because of discrimination, many folks fall victim to persecutions, while competent professionals with experiences will refuse to share their knowledge with others.

Social justice does not prevail in a community or society that is full of discrimination, or society in which discrimination is the order of behavior. If social justice is shaky, then the liberty of the people is always at stake.

In the case of development, many people will feel reluctant to express better views, show skills and talents in their various fields. I strongly believe that discrimination creates social vices such as arm robbery, rape, domestic violence, child labour, child trafficking jealousy and unemployment. The most dangerous and superfluous result discrimination could produce is war. War destroys the world, war destroys our nations, war destroys our faith and out families.

I will end here by pleading with my fellow youth to wake up and start the fight against discrimination; we should be advocators of discrimination and see to the total elimination of discrimination in our various societies.



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There is a solution!
Ann Waller | Nov 24th, 2003
We are all born with an inherent need and desire for dignity and freedom. Kofi Annan, UN secretary-general, echoed feelings that are universal when he asked:

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