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Block out the Noise Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Rachelle Morgan, United States Oct 15, 2008
Culture , Health   Poetry


I still feel lonely as though no one really knows me
True enough we have sat and talked for hours upon hours
And everyone knows that we have had time together well spent.
But you don’t know how to be there for me even if I gave a hint,
As we sit side by side
My mind takes me on a ride;
Somewhere I feel I belong
It’s just me in a world all my own.
There’s no one but Rachelle
But yet I’m not afraid or lonely,
Now being in a world where it’s just me
Seems to fit just perfectly.
There’s no need to explain or justify
In this world it’s just me and my life.
My adventures rolling,
It’s really a blessing you just don’t know
Can you escape reality?
Just dive into your own head
And block out the noise



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Writer Profile
Rachelle Morgan

I am a 25 year old African American female from Detroit, Michigan, USA. I have lived in the city of Detroit all of my life. I am currently going through life attempting to get a better understanding of issues pertaining to the world community as a whole as well as find my place in it and Poetry is my outlet. When I cannot put together all the pieces in my daily life, I try to piece it on paper and then get up the next day and try it again in real life. My poem ‘Block out the Noise’ is an example of just that.
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