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Unemployment Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Pedus, Australia Oct 6, 2008
Human Rights , Globalization , Social Entrepreneurship   Poetry


Unemployment is a societal menace.
It is the elephant on the back of Africa,
Roars like an angry lion.

Unemployment perpetuates all ills,
Drives people into a life of crime
It is a pervasive threat to peace and security.

Unemployment doesn’t define who we are,
But can define who we can be.

Unemployment shuts the door of progress,
But employment gives a glimmer of hope;
Unemployment could destroy the youth,
But employment could secure them a future.
What is the need for education
When there is no hope for a job, a life?

To be employed is to eke out a living,
No matter how menial it may seem.

We can only hope and pray
That our education will pay off in time,
That all our toil will not be in vain
And that the silence we bear
Will drive our leaders to think afresh, to think anew,
To think less about themselves and more about us!



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Writer Profile

I was born in Nigeria and was educated in Nigeria, USA and Australia. I am the founder and president of Christina-Mae Recruitment Consortium Australia and the author of the book "When Things Go Wrong: Concepts of Change". I am also the co-founder of Child Aid Survival and Development International (CASDI). As a freelance journalist, I have contributed to a number of professional journals and newspapers, as well as worked in a number of e-journalism projects. I have traveled extensively and currently call Australia and the USA home with extensive involvement in African Human Rights issues.
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