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In Awe of the Woman in Me Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Sumukhi, India Oct 6, 2008
Human Rights   Poetry


The day I took shape in my mother's womb:
She was happy with joy & didn't know what to expect.
If it’s a girl, she said, 'I wont send her to the tomb'
Be it a boy or a girl, the child gets the same respect.

Being born as a girl, I was made to stay at home,
Equality in education wasn't the same anymore,
Given a chance, I knew I wanted to go to school,
So I fought for the chance, and made it to school.

You may wonder where the strength within me is.
Guess what! I'm in Awe of the Woman in Me.

I knew I wanted to go to college one day,
But being a girl, there probably was no such day.
So I studied hard & knew I could do it,
And gained scholarship in order to make it.
A woman with curves, is all that people thought,
I topped my class & got a great job.

At work, the men just brushed me aside,
Thinking I'm no competition, But I took it in my stride.
I worked hard night & day, to show how good I was,
And soon I was, A woman with a cause.
I broke the glass ceiling and made it to the top,
The woman in me just didn't want to stop.

So today I'm a woman with a lot of fame,
Hey Girl, You can do the same & make your name.
There is a way waiting for you to find,
Dear child, it’s all in your mind.
I thought I was a girl & didn't have a life
I'm proud to be a girl today & want one more life.

You may wonder, where the strength within me is;
Guess what! I'm in Awe of the Woman in Me.



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