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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Aids oh aids Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Opobo, Uganda Sep 27, 2008
Health   Poetry



The mention of your name, scares me out the darkness.
You crept in and swept our continent.
From North to South and from East to West
Thousands and thousands you've killed,
Spoiled the beauty of our continent curse no meaning to life
Yet you are no sacrifice.

AIDS do you have Mercy?


You are a deadly monster,
you've taken our fathers, mothers,
brothers and sisters, homes left full of grace,

Just because of Mr. Slim.
Others call me Mr. Kill me quick,

Scientists have gone to the moon,
made nuclear weapons,
yet you are no sacrifice.

AIDS, do you have mercy?

Dear brothers and sisters,
Friends and relatives,
Sons and daughters
And my loving parents,
Lend me your ears
And get this message right,
With your broken heart I am asking you,
Please take care of the youth,
Stop bad habits, be faithful to each other.
This monster never sleeps, there is no cure

For AIDS, oh AIDS, do you have mercy?



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Writer Profile

I'm a 22 year old from Uganda, in high school and currently working as a youth volunteer with African Child Outreach Trust, a charity based in Northern part of the country. i like writing and believe so much in diversity; knowledge of different cultures, traditions, politics and religions of different communities.

Ojok Eric | Nov 23rd, 2008
Please, its ok to use my poem in educating the young people and fighting the scourge of HIV/AIDS. THANKS FOR UR REPLY.

If I May
Clara Lagacé | Nov 19th, 2008
It is a very touching poem... At school, some friends and I are organising two weeks dedicated to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. We hope to raise awareness and also, 6000$ dollars (I live in Canada) to donate to a local organisation that helps people who live with AIDS. If you allow us, we would love to use your poem as a message to everyone. Thanks. Things have to get better one day, how could they get any worse? We just hope to speed up the process of them getting better.

Emperor Omorogiuwa Edionseri | Feb 2nd, 2009
You sent a message... "This monster never sleeps, there's no cure". God bless you!

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