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Better Days Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Mutebi Papa Bwakya, Zambia Sep 26, 2008
Environment , Health , Peace & Conflict   Poetry


As I take a look at my life, I examine every angle; thinking of words I can use to help this world detangle.
Constantly surrounded by death and disease; the plague of HIV all across the seven seas.
Lean thoughts of poverty, crime and corruption; the routes and the leading cause of liberal destruction.
No general facilities to keep us entertained. No decent activities to help us keep refrained.
Illicit sexual intercourse and mass abuse of drugs; everything that's the opposite of peace, kisses and hugs.
Receiving pressure from peers and everybody else. Lack of freedom to make decisions; cast under other people's spells.
A mixture of bad vices; leading to a sour life. Living in constant pain, like multiple cuts from a knife.
Why do we live this way; why is this world so cruel? Murder, hunger and high prices of fuel.
I think the hardest thing for anyone is having to live on earth. Or even just having to live at all; existing and having worth.
I'm wishing on a star, hoping it will get better. Trying to put out the fire; hoping it will get wetter.
Better days, and better ways to live in harmony. Better sights and better things to see in front of me.
With people like me and the team of TakingITGlobal, we will sure bring better days and development global.



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Writer Profile
Mutebi Papa Bwakya

I'm a young Zambian male trying to express my views and be the change I want to see in the world. I do a wide range of writing; mostly poetry. TIG.org gives me a chance to share my work with the world.
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