Published on: Sep 18, 2008
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Greeting to you fellow advocate. How is the advocacy work, I hope we are still resolute in our campaign effort in sanitize the society. I want to tender my apology to fellow advocates who have been receiving my monthly piece which I failed to send in for last month without a prior notice, but I thank God I’m back, still passionate about sending in my piece that will challenge us as advocate to be more resolute and passionate about our calling .

I am poised to write about these topics “Before our youth all become militants” due to insecurity, fear and terror, destruction of lives, livelihood and property, anarchy and crippled economy which the aggrieved youth in the Niger Delta have cost not just the region but the whole country at large.

After much killings and kidnappings of men and women for selfish interest, last Sunday was a day the militant declared war.

While I will want to criticize the activities of the militant that undermine peaceful co-existence, I will not fail to highlight some of the gory problem of the developmental problems faced by the region which ranges from environmental pollution and land degradation which has greatly affected their health and source of livelihood, neglect of the area by past government to develop the area, selfish lifestyle display by the oil company to the resident in the region, among others, but I will like to say that do we need to put up arms to make our grievances know or engage the “State” intellectually, trouble my mind often about the Niger delta problem.

For me as a youth, there are many problems facing the Nigeria state that could incite one; Is it the problem of unemployment which the minister for youth in a recent interview said that over 64 million youth are jobless in Nigeria ? epileptic power supply that has and is continually crippling businesses? the “No man syndrome” that has thrown merit into the dunghill, lack of social security and welfare, celebration of criminal and corrupts public officer as against men of worthy character, etc that makes many youth sad, frustrated, disappointed, and pessimistic about their father land. All of these are some of the problems we face but I repeat, do we need to carry up arms to make our position know? I know we shouldn’t because violence does not pay, it’s costly, its effect are often grave and it has been said that “it is always the weapon of the weak”.

According to my friend kingsley Bamgwell, Founder Youngsters Development Initiative Jos said conflict is intrusive as in inherent in man but we should learn to contain them because we never can tell what the outcome of violent might be. It slows down development and causes war, riot, civil unrest and the worse of it all is that its cripples the economy wellbeing of any nation. It is better to jaw-jaw than to war-war.

For me, it is not about arm struggle but it is about the majority of people who want to make the change. It is not about fighting for selfish interest but unity of purpose. It is not about pulling the institutions down but identifying the evildoer and telling them that they are wrong. It is not about fighting our opponent but is about making them see reasons with us

Fellow advocate we have duty to go round the city starting from every homes, families, street, neighborhood, town hall, village square, churches, mosque, market place, motor parks, campuses state and the nation at large ringing the bell that non-violent action is still the best way to make our grievance know .


On the last article I wrote about dare to be difference, I have gone ahead to speak with my friend, Toyosi Akerele, the team leader of the organization; Rise Network and we spoke at length on the subject matter of follow up and partnership. But what I can infer from our discussion is that it is not about Toyosi nor Adeola nor Fela Durotoye nor Gbenga Sesan, nor Niyi Adesaya nor Jenifer Ehidiamen, nor Gamaliel Onosode nor Toyin Sobair (Hitv) nor kola Osinowo nor Joseph Mojume nor Ndidi Nwuneli nor Prof Pat Utomi, but all of us working together to make a positive change in our society. Please come and partner with her I’m sure she will be glad you did.

Adeola Ogunlade


Youth Advocate for Change


Invitation to Participate at The International Peace Day Celebration in Akute, Ogun state September 21st, 2008

As part of the activities marking with international peace day Youths Advocate for Change, Akute and Jennifer Ehidiamen, One World Youth Project Ambassador and friend of Roots and Shoots USA, is organizing a youth forum to celebrate Peace in our community Akute

Each year, in support of the United Nations International Day of Peace, Roots & Shoots members and friends come together to promote peace. All over the world, young people craft Giant Peace Dove Puppets from reused materials and fly the Doves in their communities. From the high peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro to the low plains of Kansas , Peace Doves fly, held high by hopeful hands.

The One day event is scheduled to take place at Deluxe Pacesetter College, Pako Bus stop, Beside Ajuwon Police Station, Ajuwon Akute, Ogun State

High light of the event:

Talk show




Peace Declaration

Fly Giant Dove!

Etc.Join us to celebrate peace!

One Love, One Peace, One World!

For more information, Contact:

Adeola Ogunlade: Youth Advocate for Change: 08083127847, Jennifer Ehidiamen, One World Youth Project Ambassador

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